Loyalty Cards

Increasing brand awareness and customer loyalty


gift card and greetings card

Why Loyalty Cards?

Loyalty Cards are a simple yet powerful tool to both increase customer footfall, but also understand spending patterns.

Loyalty programmes have traditionally belonged to the larger retailers on the high street, but with our web-based system even the smallest organisation can take advantage of this type of scheme.

Our solutions allow you to introduce a quick to install scheme, right through to a more complex multi-level loyalty point system over multiple sites.

The perfectpoints2u customer membership and registration system that enables you to gather invaluable information about your customers so that you can send targeted, relevant offers and promotions.


  • Web Portal for real time management, control and reporting.
  • Multi-level access for administrators and individual locations.
  • Member and visit registration system.
  • Create your own loyalty schemes with points per spend.
  • Customer registration in-store or with website self-registration.
  • Website balance checker.
  • Messaging based on registration, birthdays, points balance etc.
  • Create your own personalised messages based on customer profiles.


gift card and greetings card


Registering your customers is vital. This is invaluable information, so you will know who your customers are and will then be able to communicate with them. With the option of custom interest fields you can capture vital information about you customers such as important dates, brand preferences and segment customers by category. There are several ways of registering a customer:

  • Customer self registration from a branded page
  • Quick registration on the Merchant Web Terminal
  • Customer self registration from your website integrated with our API
  • Fill out a branded pre-printed registration form


Loyalty systems drive marketing. The system allows you to build a database of all your clients and send out targeted mailshots to them on a regular basis, enticing them to come back and spend more.

  • Easily create good looking mailshots.
  • Send out automatic points balance and birthday offers
  • Drive in business during off-peak times.
  • Send out offers, promotions, newsletters.
  • Target best customers, lapsed customers, most frequent etc.
  • Create double/triple points offers


Our loyalty system gives you valuable data about your clients, which can be used in your marketing activities

  • Select your own real-time transaction reports based on dates, loyalty program type, terminal type, terminal location, per day / week / month in CSV format.
  • Monitor and adapt your promotions.
  • Report on Top 100 Customers and Bottom 100 Customers
  • No spend within a period
  • All customers based on spend
  • All customers based on frequency
  • New customers registered within a period.