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Gift Card Solutions

Gift Cards have been an essential part of the high street for a number of years. The benefit of Gift Cards is that people can get a personal gift without knowing exactly what to buy.

Use our simple yet powerful online gift card management system, perfectpoints2u, to boost your business sales today.

No special equipment is needed, you can just use a device with a web browser, such as a PC or mobile phone

Cards can be issued with the value of your choosing, and redeemed against a future purchase, either in a single purchase or multiple times.

The transaction history for cards can be reviewed in real-time, along with the ability to suspend cards.

With different options to choose from you can run just a single shop, right through to multiple locations and precise card issue and redemption rules.

Benefits - The BIG IDEA

  • Boost Revenue - on average people spend 20% more than the card's original value
  • Increase Sales - gift cards are easy to promote and display giving people a quick way to make a purchase
  • Gain Customers - friends and family find it easier to give a gift card when stuck for an idea of what to get
  • Improved Cash Flow - money taken up front has significant cash flow benefits
  • Discount Less - gift cards avoid the need to offer dicsounts which increases a retailer's profitability
  • Earn Profits - benefit from the unused or expired value of gift cards issued
  • Avoid Theft and Fraud - card issuance and validation all controlled and monitored on-line and in real-time


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gift card and greetings card

How Does It Work?

Once you have registered for an account and have your cards you can start selling them right away.

You can define rules as to the maximum and minimum value cards can be issued for, and if a card can be redeemed in parts (say £5 at a time) or if it has to be used in full.

In order to issue and redeem a card all you need is a valid account and a browser. To make entering the card number easier you can use a barcode reader, or request your cards are made with a magnetic stripe.

Additional users can be added to your scheme to allow colleagues to process cards.

Monitoring of the system can be performed remotely using your administrator account. With this browser interface you can view transactions, update cards, run reports etc. All with no special software requirements.