About perfectpoints2u

Our Mission: To provide an easy to use and feature rich card processing system

perfectpoints2u was set up in 2007 by Card Personalisation Solutions Limited to provide support to customers that wanted to implement loyalty and gift card systems but were face with expensive options. With our team of developers we set about solving this problem and perfectpoints2u was born.

With no need for any bespoke hardware to get up and running our system was built to allow even the smallest organisation the ability to deliver a solution to their customers, and get the impact of the bigger retailers.

Over the years we have introduced newer features, but always with the users of the system in mind at every stage of concept, design and development. From allowing multi-level point allocation to automatic SMS messaging of receipts. Everything has been added to make the community benefit.

With our ability to manufacture cards in-house, and mailing equipment, we provide full end-to-end support where needed. Or if our customers prefer just cards, or any individual component to solve their problem.

Our perfectpoints2u system uses range from single store retailers offering gift cards, clubs using the scheme for cashless payments, integrated into till software, and an entire town and surrounding villages.